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Network Updates

KETTERING: Bus stop changes from Mon 19 June 2017


Hobart Southern Hobart

Routes impacted

415 416 417



Journeys to Kingston & Hobart

To improve bus stop spacing and safety for our passengers and buses, the inbound bus stop at Kettering service station and post office will close on Monday 19 June 2017.  The nearest inbound bus stops are:
                Kettering Oval Inbound (approx. 150m south); or
                Kettering Cemetery Inbound (approx. 350m north).

Journeys from Hobart & Kingston

Customers are reminded that outbound buses no longer stop outside the Kettering Oval as there is insufficient verge to pull-over safely. The bus-zone (with pull-over bay) opposite the service station and post office is now the last stop before buses turn left into Ferry Road.