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Network Updates

Hobart: Channel Hwy, Taroona Mon 17th- Fri 28th July 2017


Hobart Southern Hobart

Routes impacted

426 427 428 429 229 240 266 268


From to

Footpath works will take place on Channel Hwy in Taroona, from Monday 17 July until Friday 28 July 2017. One bus stop will be temporarily relocated.

Service Deviations

There are no service deviations

Bus Stop Alterations

Services to Hobart City

The following bus stop will be temporarily closed

  • Bus Stop 23 Channel Hwy, past Oakleigh Ave
    • Alternative bus stop: A temporary stop has been located on Channel Hwy, before Oakleigh Ave (approx 30m south)

Metro apologises for any inconvenience this disruption may cause.