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Network Updates

HOBART: School bus service changes for Term 4 2020


Hobart Northern Suburbs

Routes impacted

220 226 504 550


From to

Minor alterations to service arrangements for some schools in the northern suburbs will take effect from the start of Term 4 on Monday 12 October.



  • The morning Route 550 service from the City to Glenorchy which travels via Stansbury St will travel from Glenorchy Interchange to Glenorchy Primary via Pitcairn St, Sussex St and Continental Rd to alight students at Stop 27 in Hull St directly outside the school entrance. Students will no longer need to cross the road to reach the school grounds. The return Route 550 in the afternoon will continue to depart from Stop 27 outside the school.
  • To improve access for Glenorchy Primary students travelling to Jackson St, Brent St etc, a Route 504 service from Glenorchy Interchange to Jackson St will now travel via the Glenorchy Primary School grounds to collect students, departing the school at approximately 2.48pm.


Due to low patronage, the Route 226 school bus from Montrose Bay High to Glenorchy Interchange via Elwick Rd has been withdrawn, with the route now to be included in a modified Route 220 school bus as detailed below:

  • Route 220 will continue to operate as normal from Cosgrove High to Montrose Bay High.
  • After departing Montrose Bay High, the bus will travel via Elwick Rd to Glenorchy Interchange (formerly Route 226).
  • From Glenorchy Interchange, Route 220 will travel EXPRESS to Main Rd Claremont, Stop 37 (Amber St).
  • From Main Rd Stop 37, Route 220 will travel all stops via Main Rd to the Bridgewater Bridge, then as per the previous route through Bridgewater to Cove Hill Fair.
  • Students who previously caught Route 220 to travel to Berriedale and Chigwell should instead TRANSFER at Glenorchy Interchange from Route 220 to the Route 512 service to Claremont and Cadbury Estate via Chigwell and Rosetta which departs Glenorchy Stop E at 3.23pm.
  • Students who previously caught Route 220 to travel to Abbotsfield should instead walk from Montrose Bay High via the Brooker Highway overpass and the pathway to Main Rd Stop 30 (Lorraine Cres) and catch the Route 510 service departing at 3.16pm approx. Alternatively for students with limited mobility, they can catch Route 220 to Glenorchy Interchange and TRANSFER to the Route 510 service departing Stop D at 3.38pm.