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Network Updates

LAUNCESTON: School buses to/from Tamar Valley Steiner School



Routes impacted

813AM 816PM


None set

Metro is pleased to advise that it will commence servicing the new campus for Tamar Valley Steiner School at 378A St Leonards Rd, commencing from the start of Term One 2021.

In order to accommodate the school on Metro school buses, the following alterations will be made to existing services:

Route 813AM: City to St Leonards schools via Newstead College, Penquite Rd & Queechy High

This service will operate via the existing route and timetable to the junction of Penquite Rd and Johnston Rd, then continue along Johnston Rd to the junction of St Leonards Rd, turn right onto St Leonards Rd and proceed to the Tamar Valley Steiner School campus, arriving at approximately 8.48am. It will then continue via St Leonards Rd and Station Rd to alight St Leonards Primary students at the stop outside the school at 8.50am, and finish at Larmenier Catholic School at 8.52am.

Route 816PM: St Leonards schools to City via Queechy High

This service will now commence from Tamar Valley Steiner School at 2.55pm, depart St Leonards Primary (outside school) at 3.00pm, Larmenier Catholic School at 3.03pm, then as per the existing route to the City via Queechy High.

Further details are available from the Tamar Valley Steiner School services page on the Metro website.