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Network Updates

LAUNCESTON: Timetable alteration for school bus Route 835AM effective Monday 26 April



Routes impacted




To improve the on-time performance of Route 835AM from North Riverside to Prospect High and St Patrick’s College via the City, the following timetable will take effect from Monday 26 April:


Route 835AM: NORTH RIVERSIDE – West Tamar Rd – Launceston College – CITY – Mulgrave St – Meredith Cres – Normanstone Rd – PROSPECT HIGH – ST PATRICK’S COLLEGE

7.52–depart North Riverside Terminus (** was 7.59am)

7.53–West Tamar Rd/Orana Pl

7.54–West Tamar Rd/Ecclestone Rd

7.55–West Tamar Rd/Brownfield Ln

7.55–West Tamar Rd Stop 16

7.56–West Tamar Rd/Eden St

7.58–West Tamar Rd/Freeland St

7.59–Elouera St (Tailrace Park)

8.00–West Tamar Rd past Elouera St

8.01–West Tamar Rd

8.02–West Tamar Rd opp Forest Rd

8.02–Opposite 27 West Tamar Rd

8.05–Brisbane St opp Launceston College

8.07–Brisbane St/Kingsway

8.09–depart City Stop A1

8.10–Elizabeth St/Princes Sq

8.10–Charles St/Frederick St

8.12–Hospital, Charles St

8.13–Mulgrave St past Howick St

8.13–Mulgrave St past Pedder St

8.14–Mulgrave St/Melbourne St

8.15–Meredith Cres opp Vernon St

8.16–Meredith Cres/Lawrence Vale Rd

8.17–Normanstone Rd/Hobart Rd

8.18–Normanstone Rd/Ainslie Gr

8.19–Normanstone Rd/Eurella St

8.20–Westbury Rd/Caroline St

8.20–Westbury Rd opp Prospect St

8.21–Westbury Rd opp Bertha St

8.22–Westbury Rd/Olde Tudor


8.27–Westbury Rd past Ralph St


There are no changes to the route taken or bus stops serviced.