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COVID-19/Coronavirus advice to all passengers

We’re responding to COVID-19 under the guidance of the Tasmanian Government (Department of Health). The health and safety of passengers and staff is our highest priority.

Latest Update

The current fare amnesty will end on Sunday 5 July 2020. This means that from Monday 6 July 2020, you will need to pay the appropriate fare for their travel, and return to boarding by the front door, not the rear door.

What you can do

Metro’s essential services continue to be exempt from restrictions on the Tasmanian ‘road to recovery’. This means buses are not limited to 2m² per person or 1.5m distancing – normal vehicle capacity limits apply. We are working hard to keep you safe on board, and there are still some important things you can keep in mind before, during, and after your journey.

Consider if you can travel outside peak times
We have a finite number of buses that can be utilised at any one time, so if you can, avoid travel in the busiest periods from 7am to 9am, and 2.30pm to 5.30pm. Outside the peak there’s less traffic to interrupt your journey, more space on board, and if you can delay your morning trip to after 9am, your Greencard daily price cap is halved!

Seek a flexible working arrangement
Moving away from a traditional 9 to 5 working day can seriously take the pressure off the peak all year but especially now – can your workplace offer you a different start and finish time, or some days working from home?

Get a Greencard
When fares return on 6 July 2020, you can board easier, faster, and cheaper by using a contactless Greencard instead of cash. Get one  online or from one of our Greencard Agents around the state.

Keep up good hygiene and use common sense

  • At stops, keep your distance from others who are waiting
  • If it’s raining, take an umbrella so you don’t gather under shelters
  • Keep using the rear door and wait for passengers to get off before you get on
  • Leave space between others where possible on board
  • Respect the clearance zone around our drivers
  • Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze
  • Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser before and after you travel
  • Avoid touching surfaces inside the bus whenever you can
  • Follow any requests from your bus driver
  • Stay home if you’re sick


What we’re doing

Cleaning and hygiene

While all Metro buses are regularly cleaned, we have enhanced sanitisation, focussing on the places you spend the most time on board. We’re cleaning high touch surfaces like stop buttons, door handles, handrails and grab straps regularly.

In our offices and depots, we have special programs and arrangements in place to keep staff healthy and supported at home if unwell.

Reducing contact on board

Please keep any interaction with the driver to a minimum. To support this, the front seats of buses are temporarily closed off, providing more space between drivers and passengers.

Until 5 July, we’re asking you to board and exit from the rear door unless you need assistance. If you require low floor access, you will still be able to use the front door, just ask your driver. From 6 July, board from the front door again.

Reducing cash handling is another way to lower the risk, so Greencards we’re encouraging all passengers to to pay using a Greencard, and top it up online or at a Greencard agent.

Spreading out

We’ll continue to operate a full timetable, which means all available vehicles will be in service during peak periods and for school services and you can spread out as much as possible.

While public transport has been exempt from day one of the pandemic, patronage reduced by nearly 70% as Tasmanians stayed home to slow the spread, providing essential travellers with more room on board.

As restrictions are gradually eased we expect to see patronage begin to increase, and don’t want to leave anyone who needs public transport behind, especially school students.

Staying flexible

Any future changes to the management of public transport over the coming weeks and months will be considered based on the advice and guidance of the National Cabinet.

Updated advice will be posted on Metro’s website and social media.

For more information on COVID-19 and how to prevent its spread, visit

Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience during this time.