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Urban Bus Service Guidelines

These guidelines have been developed to ensure that urban bus service planning proceeds systematically and transparently using an approach that aligns service levels with demand and enables resources to be effectively targeted to areas of need.

The objectives of the urban bus service guidelines are to enable Metro to design bus services that:

  • reflect travel demand and meet a broad range of community needs;
  • are cost effective and best matched to the transport needs of the wider community within the available budget;
  • increase the mode share for public transport;
  • contribute to the Government’s equity and environmental objectives;
  • contribute to the Government’s social inclusion objectives;
  • provide a framework for the ongoing planning and review of urban bus services that Metro operates;
  • provide a well-designed and integrated network that improves service delivery, links people to their local centre and amenities, reduces duplication and optimises the effective use of appropriate infrastructure and available resources;
  • ensure the greatest chance of support for service changes; and
  • deliver school transport services in a way that optimises the route network.


Click here to download a PDF copy of Metro’s Urban Bus Service Guidelines