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Disability Action Plan


Disability Discrimination Act

In addition to its responsibilities under the Tasmanian Anti Discrimination Act 1998 (TADA) and the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT), Metro Tasmania also has a responsibility under the Federal Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) to provide equitable, dignified access to goods, services and premises used by the public.

Metro is committed to ensuring that the services we provide are accessible to, and inclusive of all people, including people with disabilities. We want to make sure our community has access to all of the services, programs, facilities, information and communication systems and employment opportunities that Metro provides. As such, Metro has produced a Disability Action Plan outlining how we as a company intend to achieve our goals and uphold our responsibilities over the period between 2011-2022.

Broadly, the DDA provides uniform protection against unfair and unfavourable treatment for people with a disability in Australia. It also makes it unlawful to discriminate against a person who is an ‘associate’ e.g. a friend, carer or family member. The DDA supports the principle that people with a disability have the same fundamental rights as the rest of the community. Provisions apply to a wide range of life activities including:

• access to premises used by the public;
• education;
• provision of goods and services;
• employment; and
• administration of Commonwealth laws and programs.

The DDA requires that appropriate changes be made to provide access. Where this does not occur, a person can take legal action through the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) or the Federal Court.

Metro Disability Action Plan 2011-2022

Metro recognises that people with disabilities and other access challenges comprise a significant part of the community and, as such, are an important focus of our service and its development. This Disability Action Plan 2011 – 2022 (DAP) builds on work previously undertaken to create a long-term plan, and was comprehensively reviewed in 2017 to ensure it remains relevant to changes in the needs of the community, legislation, technology and infrastructure.

This is an important strategic planning document and guides how Metro will continue to improve access to services and ensure the needs of people with disabilities and other access challenges are considered and addressed in all areas of its operations.

The DAP identifies access barriers to Metro’s services and facilities, outlines actions and responsibility for removing the barriers, and explains how Metro will monitor achievement against the plan.

Key objectives of the DAP are to:

  • confirm Metro’s acknowledgement of people with disabilities as an important and significant part of the community and therefore Metro’s customer base;
  • confirm Metro’s commitment to meeting the transport needs of people with disabilities, their families and carers;
  • provide a framework for Metro to use in working towards provision of accessible and equitable services in all areas of its business;
  • promote participation and inclusion of people with disabilities in the organisation;
  • demonstrate community leadership and corporate citizenship; and
  • assist Metro to meet its obligations under relevant legislation.

Learn more

To download a copy of Metro’s Disability Action Plan 2011-2022, and read more about the Act and Metro’s responsibilities under it, click the link below:

Disability Action Plan 2011-2022