Metro Tasmania

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Metro Tasmania Pty Ltd is a state owned company established in February 1998. The company trades as Metro and operates bus services in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. Metro is the largest passenger transport company in Tasmania.


Romaine Park Primary School

  Route No: 203  Service Start: 08:12AM
Schools: Romaine Park Primary SchoolMontello Primary School
Suburbs: South Burnie to Romaine Park & Montello Primary Schools
Streets Travelled: Depart Hopkinson Street 0812 hours, via Wellington St, Reeves St, Brooklyn Rd, Collins, Exhibition, Wembley, Flinders & Collins Streets, Roslyn Ave, Manuka Drive, Three Mile Line Rd, Woniora, Kentish, Wright & Wiseman Streets, Hutchinson St, Barnard Cres, Hutchinson, Wiseman & Thorne Streets, Payne, Griffith, Madden, Thorne, Mount & Roslyn Streets, Romaine Park Primary 0835 hours approx, then via Mount St, Thorne St, Madden St, Belton St, The Boulevard, Terrylands St & Bird St to arrive Montello Primary approx 0850 hours.

  Route No: 233  Service Start: 03:08PM
Schools: Romaine Park Primary School
Suburbs: Romaine Park Primary School to Mooreville Road via Brooklyn, Romaine, Upper Burnie, Acton & Shorewell Park
Streets Travelled: Depart Romaine Park Primary Sschool at 1508 hours, then via Mount St, Manuka Dr, Roslyn Ave, clockwise loop through Brooklyn, then Mount St, Thorne St, Madden St, Griffith St, Payne St, Thorne St, Woniora St, Kentish St, Wright St, Wiseman St, Hutchinson St, Barnard St, Hutchinson St, Wiseman Street to arrive Mooreville Road approx 1535 hours.