Metro Tasmania Zero Emission Buses

Get on board Metro’s Zero Emission Bus Trial

Featuring Battery Electric Buses and Hydrogen Electric Buses, our Zero Emission Bus Trial is an exciting step in Metro’s work to build a better, more sustainable public transport future for Tasmania.

What is Metro’s Zero Emission Bus trial?

Our trial consists of two sub-trials of different zero emission technologies, supported by the Tasmanian Government through Renewables, Climate and Future Industries Tasmania.

  • Battery Electric Bus Trial (Launceston)
    Four Battery Electric Buses (BEBs) are currently operating on Metro’s Launceston network for a two-year trial period, which commenced in early 2024. An electric motor powers the BEB, with the energy coming from on-board batteries. The batteries are charged through mains power electricity chargers at Metro’s Launceston depot.
  • Hydrogen Electric Bus Trial (Hobart)
    Three Hydrogen Electric Buses (HEBs) will operate across Metro’s southern network for a three-year trial, commencing in mid-2024. Our HEBs are also powered by electric motors, with hydrogen gas used as the fuel. The hydrogen is converted to electricity on board through a fuel cell. The ‘exhaust’ output from our HEBs is just water vapour. The HEBs will be refuelled at a hydrogen refuelling station, which will be installed at Metro’s Mornington depot.

Why is Metro conducting the Zero Emission Bus Trial?

The transport sector is a significant contributor to Tasmania’s greenhouse gas emissions. The Tasmanian Government is funding the trial to gain valuable operational experience and learnings that will help inform how we can reduce Metro’s vehicle emissions, as Tasmania works to achieve net zero emissions from 2030.

Tasmania is one of the few places in the world that already has the capacity to be 100% self-sufficient in renewable electricity through sources like Tasmanian hydro, wind and solar. This allows us to use this emissions-free electricity to power battery electric buses, differentiating the on-road portion of our trial as truly emissions-free compared to BEBs that are run on predominantly fossil fuel powered electricity.
Tasmania’s renewable electricity can also be used to produce ‘green hydrogen’ gas, an emerging fuel source that is expected to be increasingly used globally as a fossil fuels substitute across many sectors, including heavy transport.

The Tasmanian Government sees potential for Tasmania to be a major producer and exporter of green hydrogen. With funding provided by the Tasmanian Government, Metro’s Hydrogen Electric Bus trial will kick-start this emerging industry as Tasmania’s first project using green hydrogen.

The Zero-Emission Bus Trial will provide valuable operational data and insights to help Metro explore and plan for a longer-term, future transition of its fleet to zero-emission technologies.

Find out more about the trial in our Zero Emission Bus Bulletins.