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Who we are

Metro Tasmania Pty Ltd is a state owned company established in February 1998. The company trades as Metro and operates bus services in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. Metro is the largest passenger transport company in Tasmania.

Our Vision is to be an attractive travel option contributing to an integrated public transport network in Tasmania.

Our Business Purpose is to connect people and communities in Tasmania.

Our Values are:

Safety: we take pride in everyone getting home safely, by having a safe workplace and putting safety first.

Respect: we show respect for everyone at all times by acting with integrity in all our actions, words, and intentions.

Resilience: we have the courage to deal with our day-to-day challenges, showing determination, commitment, and strength.

Unity: we work together with honesty and transparency. We listen, collaborate, cooperate, and celebrate success.

Service Driven: we take pride in what we do and it is our pleasure to deliver an outstanding experience for everyone, recognising we have internal and external customers; continually challenging ourselves to do things better; and striving for excellence.

Our Goals are to:

  1. Focus on our customers
  2. Foster our people and our culture
  3. Strengthen our stakeholder relationships
  4. Operate a financially sustainable business
  5. Provide attractive transport solutions