Metro provides GTFS data for all public transport services in Tasmania for the State Government to external organisations on the basis that you acknowledge and agree that Metro Tasmania Pty Ltd (Metro) does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. There may be errors in the information and you should independently check the information is correct if you intend to use it.

Neither you, nor any person you provide the information to, should rely on the accuracy or completeness of the information provided in respect of any purpose for which it may be used by you or any third party.

By using the information provided below, or providing it to a third party for use, you agree to release and indemnify Metro for any loss, liability, claim or costs arising out of the use of that information.

We require you to provide a similar disclaimer to any person who may use this information and you should not use this information if you or a third party intend to rely on its accuracy or completeness.

Data links

Southern GTFS data (includes non-Metro services)

Northern including east coast GTFS data (includes non-Metro services)

North west including west coast GTFS data (includes non-Metro services)