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Media releases

Metro Tasmania BusTech statement Between 2017 and 2021, BusTech and its Tasmanian construction partner, Elphinstone, delivered Metro 100 low emission, fully accessible buses. BusTech was engaged to supply an additional 26 buses, however due to problems relating to the fulfilment of the contract, Metro has decided to end the agreement and seek alternative sources for […]

Metro Tasmania is managing an unprecedented number of driver / operator absences due to Covid 19 and other illnesses. Yesterday, in Hobart, 23 drivers are unavailable to work (14 because of Covid 19 and nine because of other illness) while in Launceston the number of absent drivers is eight (two because of Covid 19 and […]

Four in five respondents to a Metro Tasmania survey conducted by Tasmanian research firm  EMRS reported that they were satisfied with “the services provided by Metro overall”. Metro CEO Katie Cooper said this compared favourably to the last research undertaken in 2019 when the figure was 76 per cent. “It is an excellent result off […]

Metro Tasmania has today (7 March) appealed a Federal Court decision relating to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and payment of overtime to Burnie-based drivers between 2012 and 2020. Metro CEO Katie Cooper said the company was disputing the decision for payment of rostered Saturday work at the Full Bench of the Federal Court. “It […]

Keeping Metro staff and passengers safe is our number one priority – our staff – like front line workers across a variety of sectors – deserve respect., Metro CEO Katie Cooper said. On Metro’s journey to modernisation, it is undergoing significant transformation and some employees are finding these changes challenging,” she said. “Metro is a […]

Metro believes that the repair and maintenance work on the CCTV equipment on its buses fits within the scope of the work required of the diesel mechanics / auto electricians employed in the maintenance team.   Metro has tabled with the AMWU why It believes this is the case, and has asked questions of the […]

Tasmania JackJumpers are delighted to announce the state’s largest and most reliable bus operator, Metro Tasmania as the club’s home jersey partner. The Metro Tasmania logo will be splashed across the chest of the iconic green Tasmania JackJumpers playing strip for the 14 home games at MyState Bank Arena and Launceston Silverdome in the Hungry […]

Metro Tasmania has officially opened a new Metro Shop at its Springfield depot. Metro Tasmania Chief Executive Officer Katie Cooper said it had been almost 10 years since Metro had operated a similar shop front for customers at its depot home. “Given the growing importance of the transport corridor through the northern suburbs of Hobart, […]

Metro Tasmania has launched a campaign to reduce handling of cash by its drivers on board buses. Acting CEO Darren Carey said the campaign would encourage customers to use other methods to top up their Greencard other than when boarding the bus. “It has a secondary aim to further increase Greencard use, and therefore deliver […]

Metro Acting CEO Darren Carey is putting aside his day-to-day financial and operational concerns for one night in June when he joins other Tasmanian CEOs for the annual St Vincent’s CEO Sleepout. Mr Carey said homelessness in Tasmania and elsewhere was a complex issue that did not have one simple solution. “The CEO Sleepout is […]