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Renfrew Circle Closure

Routes impacted

215AM 216PM 560 561


From to

From Monday 08 April to Monday 17 June 2024 roadworks will be taking place in Renfrew Circle.

Metro busses will be following the below detour during this time.

Stop(s) Closed:

  • Stop 30, No. 90 Renfrew Circle
  • Stop 31, No. 79 Renfrew Circle
  • Stop 31, Opp No. 81 Renfrew Circle
  • Stop 32 No. 107 Renfrew Circle
  • Stop 31, Opp No. 6 Barron Ave
  • Stop 30 Opp No. 1 Barron Ave

Route 215AM School Bus: Routes that normally starts from the first stop on Renfrew Circle will now start from Stop 29 Inbound on Howard Rd.

Route 216PM School Bus: Will not service Renfrew Circle and Barron Ave and will instead travel via Howard Rd to reach Goodwood Rd.