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A road safety message reminding motorists to give way to buses merging into traffic will be appearing in the best place possible – on the back of Metro buses state-wide.

Metro CEO Megan Morse said it is a timely message for road users that they must give way to buses indicating and displaying a give way sign.

“Giving way to buses is the right thing to do. It’s not just a matter of being courteous though, it’s also the law in most areas,” she said.

Ms Morse said while the artwork on the bus backs was designed to deliver a friendly prompt to motorists, the message was a serious one.

“When you let the bus in, you’re helping keep Tasmanian roads safe and letting everyone on board stay on schedule, even in heavy traffic.”

“In addition to the obvious dangers of not giving way, it’s important to remember that buses are carrying passengers, and a sudden stop can potentially cause injury.”

Give way to a bus in front of you when it has stopped or is moving slowly at the far left of the road, on the shoulder of the road, or in a bus stop, has a give way to buses sign and its indicators on, and is about to enter your lane of traffic.

Road Safety Advisory Council chair Garry Bailey said drivers and pedestrians should take care around buses at this time of year.

“More people will be around the city with Christmas not far away, so it’s particularly important for pedestrians to take care around buses. Buses are big vehicles and have blind spots, so it’s best to assume the driver can’t see you.”

TasBus general manager Geoff Lewis said his organisation, which represented 180 bus operators in Tasmania, supported any initiative that promoted bus safety to a wider audience.

RACT community manager Will Oakley said road safety was a “top of mind” issue of concern for the organisation.

“The RACT is very happy to put its name to the campaign in support of the initiative,” he said.

“In addition to road safety, assisting bus drivers to keep to their timetable, ensuring public transport can operate efficiently, will assist with traffic congestion issues which are becoming more prevalent.”

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