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Metro Accessibility and Inclusion Action Plan 2024 – 2029

21 May 2024

Media Release

Metro Accessibility and Inclusion Action Plan 2024 – 2029

Metro Tasmania has launched its Accessibility and Inclusion Action Plan 2024-2029, outlining the steps it will take to ensure all Metro services provide a safe and respectful space for all Tasmanians.

Metro Tasmania Chief Executive Officer Katie Cooper said Metro understood the critical role public transport played in connecting people to their communities, essential services and opportunities.

“The plan sets out to minimise the barriers individuals face and provide equitable, dignified and safe access to our services,” she said.

“The plan aligns with our overarching vision to make the journey better for all Tasmanians and our mission to deliver safe, reliable and efficient services that meet all customers’ needs.”

Ms Cooper said for the past 10 years Metro had worked hard to make its services more accessible to everyone.

“We achieved a lot under the previous plan (Disability Action Plan) which expired in 2022, including acquiring easy-to-use buses, better signage and clearer, more helpful information for passengers.

“In developing the new plan we have listened to people’s needs and responded to improve our services accordingly – we engaged with community members, stakeholders and our workforce.”

The plan consists of five Action Areas as follows:

Action Area 1 – Make Services Accessible and Welcoming for Everyone

Ensure Metro Tasmania’s services are easy to use and welcoming for all, including people with disability. This involves improving the customer experience on buses, providing clear information and promoting a culture that values diversity among customers and staff.

Action Area 2 – Involve the Community in Service Improvements

Work closely with the Tasmanian community to shape the services provided by the Tasmanian Government which meet everyone’s needs. This approach aims to make people feel more connected and satisfied with Tasmania’s public transport.

Action Area 3 – Ensure Safe and High-Quality Travel

Focus on keeping customers safe and secure, responding effectively to any concerns and continually improving the quality of service provided by Metro staff.

Action Area 4 – Use Technology to Improve Services

Embrace technology to make travel more accessible and keep passengers well-informed while also providing alternative communication options for people who are not as comfortable with digital tools.

Action Area 5 – Be Open and Responsible

Operate openly, listen and take responsibility for continually improving our accessibility and inclusivity, keeping everyone informed about what we’re doing and why. To access the full Accessibility and Inclusion Action Plan here.