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Metro Acting CEO Darren Carey is putting aside his day-to-day financial and operational concerns for one night in June when he joins other Tasmanian CEOs for the annual St Vincent’s CEO Sleepout.

Mr Carey said homelessness in Tasmania and elsewhere was a complex issue that did not have one simple solution.

“The CEO Sleepout is a great initiative that not only raises important money to assist, but also brings the issue into sharper focus for the community to discuss and debate,” he said.

“Anyone in a position of influence should do their part to help people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage and take an active role in raising much needed funds.”

Mr Carey, who is aiming to raise more than $5000, said while the COVID-19 pandemic had made a lot of things somewhat difficult to achieve, it was hard to compare this with what homeless people experienced on a daily basis.

“Through my involvement with the Sleepout, I have learnt to appreciate the difficulty of day to day survival on the streets,” he said.

“Imagine how much harder life is for homeless and vulnerable Australians who don’t have ways to protect themselves, particularly during these difficult times of COVID-19.

“I’ll be sleeping outside, albeit for just one night, as part of my own eye-opening experience to raise awareness and bring home the realities of homelessness.”

Mr Carey said he had never participated in the Sleepout before.

“Being originally from Newcastle in NSW where the winter evenings are slightly warmer, I am expecting the crisp fresh air on an icy night out in the Tasmanian winter to be a challenge,” he said.