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Metro Tasmania to begin issuing fines for fare evasion

From Monday 23 February 2015, Metro Tasmania Authorised Officers will begin issuing fines for fare evasion and those that are not using correct tickets.

This follows a three month trial where Authorised Officers travelled randomly on different bus routes in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie to check tickets and determine to what level fare evasion was occurring in Tasmania.

The trial revealed that around ten percent of passengers were not holding the correct ticket.

While the main aim of the Authorised Officer program is to continue to educate the public on issues surrounding paying the correct fare, Metro Tasmania will now begin issuing fines to passengers who are found to be actively and/or repeatedly not paying the correct fare.

Metro Tasmania CEO Stuart Wiggins said “Unfortunately a small percentage of our passengers do attempt to evade fares.

“We will be actively checking that the correct tickets have been purchased and our Authorised Officers will issue $110 fines to those that are found to be actively evading fares.”

Mr Wiggins believes Metro Tasmania has a responsibility to those that do the right thing to ensure services are sustainable and that all are treated fairly.

“While it is unfortunate that a small number take advantage of the goodwill and honesty on which our public transport system is based, we are committed to reducing these instances now and in the future,” Mr Wiggins said.

Authorised Officers use hand-held Greencard devices to check boarding and trip information, conduct visual checks of paper tickets and ensure that any concessions being used are correct.

For more information about timetables, fares, concession entitlements and Greencard, passengers can call 13 22 01, go to, or contact customer service on