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Metro’s Hobart Northern suburb bus services review

Metro is planning a major overhaul of bus services in the s northern suburbs of Hobart to
speed up services and help traffic flow.
Metro’s Chief Executive Officer Heather Haselgrove said today the proposed changes
followed an extensive study of routes and services in the northern suburbs of Hobart.
“Many of the current bus schedules and routes have become outdated and do not
adequately meet people’s needs due to demographic changes and modern traffic trends,” Ms
Haselgrove said.
“We are proposing to simplify the many different routes and make better use of existing
resources in Hobart’s northern suburbs. The proposed changes are a direct response to
passenger requests to have a simpler, faster and more frequent bus service on routes with
greatest demand.
Ms Haselgrove said that while some people may lament the loss of some services such as
the current express and poorly patronised doorstopper services, the proposed changes
would benefit the vast majority ofpeople living north of Hobart.
“The current express services will be replaced by faster and more direct express services
from areas in the northern suburbs to Hobart via the Brooker Highway and most people
who use the doorstopper service will have alternative routes and stops nearby,” Ms
Haselgrove said.
Ms Haselgrove said the changes would not come into effect until November and Metro
would commence a broad public engagement program from Tuesday 10 June to inform
people about the changes and get their feedback.
Among the proposed key changes are:
 The new network will streamline services with the objective of achieving fewer,
more evenly spaced and direct routes.
 Creation of simpler, easier to understand timetables compared to the 59 routes and
27 variations currently operated in the northern suburbs.
 Better connections at the Glenorchy Interchange with services travelling to and from
Hobart CBD.  Replacement of some existing services to and from Hobart city, particularly in the
off-peak and on weekends, by local “feeder” services that start or end at Glenorchy.
 Better connections between services to minimise waiting times at the Glenorchy
 Replacement of existing express buses via New Town Road and Argyle Street with
more and faster express services that travel directly via the Brooker Highway to and
from Hobart.
 Some express routes will still travel via the Glenorchy Interchange and Metro
Springfield Park ’n’ Ride.
 Improved levels of service, including the expansion of bus routes into new areas of
Brighton, Old Beach, Merton, Claremont and Austins Ferry.
 Replacing poorly-patronised and lengthy, winding routes that travel via narrow
streets and are difficult for the modern low-floor wheelchair-accessible buses.
 Removal of the Doorstopper routes due to low patronage and high costs.
 The Turn Up and GO corridor along Main Road between Glenorchy and Hobart city
will remain the same on weekdays and Sundays and the Saturday daytime services
will operate every 15 minutes in each direction compared to the current 20 minutes.
The changes will affect people in areas north of Hobart CBD, Glenorchy to Granton,
Brighton and the northern part of Clarence will also be affected.
A pamphlet, including a map of the new routes, will be distributed to households in the
affected suburbs and information will be on display at the Metro Shop from June 16 to July
11; Glenorchy Linc, June 16 to July 11; and Bridgewater Linc, June 11 to June 17.
Full details of proposed changes can be found at Feedback forms are
available from the website or by calling 13 22 01. Completed feedback forms can be emailed
to:, faxed to 6272 8770, or mailed to Metro Tasmania,
PO Box 61, MOONAH, TAS 7009.
The public consultation period runs to Friday 11 July 2014.