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Metro Tasmania today launched the online Journey Planner to make it quicker and easier for
passengers to plan bus trips on all services in the Greater Hobart area.
Metro’s Chief Executive Officer Heather Haselgrove today launched the Hobart Journey Planner at
Princes Wharf No 1 where the Sustainable Living Tasmania Festival opens tomorrow.
“The introduction of Journey Planner means people can now use the tool to make their sustainable
travel plans to and from the Festival or anywhere else that Metro services run,” Ms Haselgrove said.
“Journey Planner, powered by Google Transit, links directly to Google Maps and is a public
transportation tool that integrates bus stop, route and schedule information to make trip planning
quick and easy for everyone,” Ms Haselgrove said.
“People can log on to using their home or work computer or mobile device
and see the Journey Planner tool in the top right hand side of the screen,” Ms Haselgrove said.
“You can put in your starting destination and where you want to go and it will tell you what bus to
catch, which bus stop, when it is scheduled, how long the trip will take and where and when you
have to change buses if your journey involves more than one route,” she said.
Minister for Sustainable Transport Nick McKim said the tool would also make it easier for visitors
from interstate and overseas or Tasmanians visiting different regions to get around using public
“With a Google Journey Planner available for Metro services in Burnie, Launceston and Hobart, it’s
now that bit easier for Metro’s bus passengers to plan their trips,” Mr McKim said.
“We want to attract more Tasmanians to use Metro buses – which in turn, helps reduce traffic
congestion and pollution.
“Making bus travel as convenient as possible with initiatives like the online journey planner is a great
way of doing that,,” he said.
Sophie Calic from Sustainable Living Tasmania said transport was a huge component of each person’s
carbon footprint.
“So when you head down to Princes Wharf or the Sustainable Living Festival this weekend, take a
moment to consider your options. Choosing to travel sustainably is now easier than ever thanks to
Metro’s journey planner,” Ms Calic said.
“It is ideal for visitors to Hobart who may be staying outside the CBD to get to Sustainable Living
Festival. Using the Journey Planner they quickly and easily find what services are available and where
to change buses if necessary,” she said.Ms Haselgrove said Metro had upgraded its bus route and schedules to improve accuracy for the
Journey Planner, which further benefited all bus travellers.
The start-up of Journey Planner in Hobart follows the recent introduction of the “Turn Up and Go”
service on Metro’s busiest route from the Glenorchy interchange, Main Road to the Hobart CBD
where there is now a bus every 10 minutes between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday and the wait
outside those times is no longer than 30 minutes during bus operating hours.
Ms Calic said the Journey Planner and sustainable transport message fitted in well with this year’s
Festival which invited people to come and be inspired to Make it!
“The Festival includes extensive hands-on workshops; cooking demonstrations; fashion show; art
installations; makers at work; family entertainment; tasty local treats; a pop-up shop from the Market
Hobart and over 90 business and community group exhibitors; this year’s festival is set to inspire!”
she said.