Tarremah School

Route No.


Service Start


City, Sandy Bay, Taroona, Kingston, Summerleas

- Catch the Route 429 bus from Hobart City to Summerleas via Taroona and Sandy Bay Road. This service will depart Franklin Square Stop P at 7.47am and arrives at Whitewater Crescent Summerleas at 8.30am. From Whitewater Crescent, the bus will travel express via the Kingston Bypass to St Aloysius Catholic College, arriving at 8.35am.

- Catch the Route 429 bus from Huntingfield to Hobart City via Taroona and Sandy Bay Road departing St Aloysius Catholic College at 3.33pm then travelling via Summerleas, Kingston Central, Taroona and Sandy Bay Road to arrive in Hobart City at 4.20pm.

** NOTE ** from the start of 2018, Metro buses servicing the Huntingfield schools will arrive and depart from the bus stop at St Aloysius Catholic College, NOT Tarremah Steiner School.

Please refer to Metro's Taroona, Summerleas & Huntingfield timetable for further information.