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Metro Tasmania has launched a campaign to reduce handling of cash by its drivers on board buses.

Acting CEO Darren Carey said the campaign would encourage customers to use other methods to top up their Greencard other than when boarding the bus.

“It has a secondary aim to further increase Greencard use, and therefore deliver a more reliable service,” he said.

Mr Carey said 85 per cent of Metro customers already used a Greencard for their travel on Metro’s network in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie.

“It is a quick and simple boarding process,” he said.

“Reducing the number of people who top up on board will make the system even more efficient, resulting in faster journey times and improved service reliability.”

Instead of topping up on board a Metro bus, customers can obtain and top up a Greencard online, in person at a Greencard agent, Metro depots, the Metro shop or by calling the Metro hotline.

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