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Metro and Taroona High School partner to deliver ‘travel training’ for new grade 7 students

Metro Tasmania is partnering with Taroona High School and its feeder primary schools to educate next year’s Grade 7 students on public transport use, safety, and appropriate behaviour.

Metro CEO Megan Morse said the focus of the initiative was on ensuring new students were prepared for the transition and confident using a Metro bus to get to and from school.

“This initiative gives students and families an opportunity to become familiar with Metro and develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to make informed and safe decisions about the school commute” she said.

“Catching the bus is a great way for students to gain confidence, responsibility and independence, while reducing road congestion associated with car use for school drop offs.”

The training program will familiarise students with how to use buses and find their stop in the Hobart City interchange using tailored resources, presentations from Metro training staff, and guided real-world practice opportunities.

Ms Morse said public transport has recognised environmental, financial, social, and health benefits, and Metro is excited to collaborate with Taroona High School to deliver important learning outcomes for its new Grade 7 cohort.

“Parents can also play an important role, and make their school mornings easier, by getting children ready for the bus by talking about public transport, taking a test-ride, getting a Greencard and setting up a convenient automatic top up,” she said.

Taroona High School assistant principal Michelle Andrews said feedback from students indicated that catching the bus to high school was one of the issues that worried them the most.

“Most students are able to walk to primary school and catching the bus is a new experience for most,” she said.

“We are working hard so students feel supported, confident and bus ready so they are keen to embrace the excitement of high school at Taroona in 2019.”

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