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Metro will start a three-month statewide trial next week to determine the extent of fare evasion and underpayment across its network of buses.

Metro’s Acting-Chief Executive Officer Alan Pedley said Authorised Officers will travel on buses in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie throughout the trial to check and enforce correct payment of fares.

“We are advising passengers to ensure they pay the correct bus fare, have selected the correct default trip on their Greencard and are entitled to any concessions they claim,” Mr Pedley said.

“If a passenger fails to have the correct ticket or is found to be over-riding on their Greencard, they could receive a caution or even a fine.
“But this is also a positive exercise for passengers and Metro. Our officers will assist passengers with information on the use of Greencard and the cost benefits of using them as opposed to purchasing paper tickets for travel.”

Authorised Officers will use hand-held Greencard devices to check boarding and trip information, conduct visual checks of paper tickets and ensure that any concessions being used are eligible.

“This trial should show the extent of fare evasions on our network, and what effect it has on Metro’s revenue,” Mr Pedley said.

“Some passengers may not even be aware they are breaking the law. For example, they may simply travel further than the default trip on their Greencard. Or they may not realise their entitlement to a fare concession has changed.”

Mr Pedley said paying the correct fare is the responsibility of the passenger.

“If they are taking a longer trip, they need to ask the driver to override the Greencard  default.”

For more information about fares, concession entitlements and Greencard, passengers can call 13 22 01, go to, or contact customer service on

The trial will commence on Monday September 15.

Media contact: Mike Lester, M&M Communications on 0425 235 157.