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Time to top up or get new Greencards for return to school

Metro is reminding students and parents to ensure they have a Greencard for the
commencement of the first term of school on 5 February.
Metro’s Chief Executive Officer Heather Haselgrove said today many parents with children
travelling by bus to school for the first time often left it to the last minute to sort out their
travel requirements.
“Now is the time for parents and students to get organised for back to school by getting a
new Greencard or topping up an existing Greencard and to find out about bus timetables,”
she said.
Ms Haselgrove said that Metro had this year again exempted all student fares from any fare
“Nevertheless students should keep in mind that they will save between 26 cents and 30
cents each trip by using a Greencard instead of cash when boarding a bus.
Ms Haselgrove said that in the lead up to the start of Term 1 each year there was often a
last minute rush to get student Greencards which could lead to delays.
“This year we’re advising people to get their cards sorted early so there is no delay at the
start of the new term,” Ms Haselgrove said.
“If you are eligible for free student travel to or from your place of study, you need to apply
for free travel through the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER).
Once your application is approved by DIER and DIER notifies Metro, Metro will issue you
with your Greencard at no cost.
The Metro Shop, located in the Hobart Bus Mall at 22 Elizabeth Street, is open from 8am to
6pm Monday to Friday and is now also open on Saturdays from 9.30am to 2.00pm for
passengers to buy or top up their Greencards and get service information. More
information can be found on the Metro website or by phoning the
Metro information line on 132201.