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Albuera St Primary School

Route No.

446, 447, 448, 449

Service Start


Schools Serviced
Albuera St Primary School

South Hobart (Strickland Ave, Huon Rd), Fern Tree

Route Map Link

Metro school buses do not directly service Albuera Street Primary School.

Students travelling to/from South Hobart and Fern Tree should use the following general access services:

Route 446: MARLYN ROAD via Cascades
Route 447: STRICKLAND AVE / HUON RD JUNCTION via Cascades & Marlyn Road
Route 448: FERN TREE via Huon Road
Route 449: FERN TREE via Strickland Ave & Saunders Cres

NEAREST BUS STOP: Davey St (outbound), Macquarie St (inbound)