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Princes St Primary School

Metro services on Route 458 (City to Mt Nelson via Dynnyrne) travel via King St & Proctors Rd. The nearest stops are Proctors Rd Stop 13 inwards and outwards, located approx 100 metres from the school near Kendrick Ct.

Please refer to the Mt Nelson via Dynnyrne timetable for further information.

Route No.


Service Start



Cascades, South Hobart, Dynnyrne, Churchill Avenue

Route map

CASCADES – Macquarie St – Antill St – Dynnyrne – Churchill Ave – TAROONA HIGH

7.50---CASCADE RD #16 depart
7.56---Macquarie St / Anglesea St #10
8.00---Antill St #8
8.05---Dynnyrne / Proctors Rd #13 [#]
8.10---University #12
8.13---Churchill Ave #18
8.17---Churchill Ave #24 (*)
8.24---TAROONA HIGH arrive

[#] Students for Princes St Primary alight on Proctors Rd to walk to school.
(*) From Churchill Ave Stop 24, service travels express to Taroona High.