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X02, X10 to X30

Hobart City Interchange, via Brooker Hwy, Glenorchy Interchange

Routes X02: Glenorchy Express via Brooker Hwy, Metro Springfield
Also shows routes:
Route X10: Granton Express via Brooker Hwy
Route X11: Claremont Express via Brooker Hwy, Elwick Rd, Glenorchy
Route X22: New Norfolk Express via Brooker Hwy, Elwick Rd, Glenorchy
Route X23: New Norfolk Express via Glenorchy
Route X20: Bridgewater Express via Brooker Hwy, Metro Springfield, Glenorchy, Claremont
Route X21: Brighton Express via Brooker Hwy, Claremont, Bridgewater
Route X30: Gagebrook Express via Brooker Hwy, Bowen Bridge, Old Beach

This timetable shows only the portion of these express routes between Hobart and Glenorchy.

NOTE: Routes X10, X21 & X30 do NOT travel via Glenorchy Interchange.

For Routes X42 (West Moonah/Springfield) & X50 (Glenorchy via Lenah Valley), please refer to the West Moonah and Lenah Valley timetables respectively. These services depart from Elizabeth St Stop B1 (opposite the GPO).

For full route timetables click the route number below:
Metro Routes: X02, X10, X11, X20, X21, X30 [Greencard and cash tickets]
O’Driscoll Route: X22, X23 [TransportMe card or cash tickets]