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Click on the tabs below for frequently asked questions and information about catching buses in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie, or watch a series of six helpful videos, created by University of Tasmania students as part of a Sustainability Internship Program.



Getting from A to B starts with planning your journey. There are many ways to find out which bus you need:

  • use the Trip Planner on the website or app
  • look at the timetable here or at the bus stop
  • call the Metro hotline on 13 22 01

We think the easiest way is to use the Trip Planner. If you need help using the Trip Planner, see the next tab for a guide.

To plan travel using the Trip Planner:

  • select your city;
  • type where you want to leave from (or select ‘current location’ on mobile);
  • type your destination; and
  • select ‘plan my trip’ to see a list of travel options.

Click on an option to expand it and see a map and details of the bus stop, route number and times.

You can even:

  • change the time to plan a trip in the future;
  • select an arrival time to see options that will get you there by that time; and
  • filter results to only show low floor buses.

Once you know which bus stop and route you want to catch, follow these tips to make boarding a breeze:

  • be at your stop five minutes before your bus is due – timetables are approximate and can be affected by traffic and other factors
  • when your bus approaches, clearly signal the driver to stop
  • ask the driver if it is possible to lower the bus if required

All buses will display a route number and route description above the windscreen, on what we call the ‘destination blind’.


In the example above, the bus is operating a route 60 service, which travels to Wynyard via Somerset.

When waiting at the bus stop, keep an eye on the destination blind of approaching buses to know which one you need to hail.

Each bus also has a unique three digit number, which is helpful to remember if you need to contact us about something specific.

You can pay your fare to the driver using a Greencard or cash. See the next tab for information about Greencard.

If paying cash, remember:

  • tell the driver what type of fare you want;
  • have correct change; and
  • have any concession cards ready to show the driver.

Click here to see fares, and here for information about concessions.

A Greencard is like a digital wallet – top it up with credit to make catching a bus easier, quicker and cheaper

When boarding, simply tap your Greencard on the driver machine and your fare will be deduced from your credit – no need to tap off.

You can set up a convenient automatic top up online or add credit to your Greencard as you need it:

*To top up online, you must activate your online account. To do this, click here.

Don’t have a Greencard yet? You can apply for one online, in person, or by calling our Customer Service Hotline on 13 22 01 and requesting that an application form be mailed to you. To apply online, click here and fill out the form. To apply in person, visit the Metro Shop, a Metro depot or Metro agent.

Wheelchairs, scooters and prams are welcome on board. Safety is our priority so follow your driver’s instructions. When occupied, these mobility aids must be stationed in the designated area, facing towards the rear of the bus with safety features applied.

Metro buses are not suitable for wheelchairs with three wheels.

To search for services that will be provided with a low floor accessible bus, check the wheelchair icon on timetables or the Trip Planner, or call 13 22 01.

Your luggage is your responsibility. Please help keep the bus safe and walkways clear by placing large items in the luggage areas. If the item is too big or could be dangerous on board, we may not be able to carry it – ask your driver if you are unsure.



When approaching your desired stop, press the button near your seat to stop the bus. A sign near the driver will light up when the bus is stopping.

Hold hand rails and supports until the bus has come to a complete stop.

Some buses have a back door that may require you to push when the light is green.

Greencard makes your travel faster, easier and cheaper:

  • 20% discount on all fares;
  • transfer between buses for free within 90 minutes; and
  • fares capped at low rates for all-day travel*.

Click here to learn more about Greencard, or here to apply online.

There are different caps for adult and concession fares. Students pay one low daily cap no matter when their first boarding is made. Daily caps apply to urban travel.

Peak daily caps apply when you board before 9am on a weekday. Standard daily caps apply at all other times including public holidays. 

Click here to see a full list of urban and non-urban fares. 



To help make everyone’s journey at pleasant and safe one, we have some conditions of travel. A full list can be found here.

For example we ask that you:

  • wait for passengers to get off before you board;
  • use headphones when listening to mobile devices; and
  • offer your seat to passengers in need.

Please don’t:

  • smoke or consume any food or drink;
  • place feet on seats at any time; or
  • spray aerosols.

Safety and security is at the forefront of our business. We are committed to ensuring all Metro employees, visitors and customers are treated with dignity, respect and are free from discrimination and harassment.

Did you know…

  • all Metro bus drivers are trained in safe driving practices;
  • all Metro buses are fitted with multiple CCTV cameras; and
  • we work closely with Tasmania Police to encourage social behaviour on our services.

If you need help, ask your driver for assistance or contact our customer service team on 13 22 01.

If you have lost something on board, contact our customer service team on 13 22 01 for assistance. If the item has been found, you can arrange to collect it.

In Hobart, you can collect lost property from the Metro Shop, 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday (unless you have contacted us to arrange a different collection time).

In Launceston and Burnie, you can visit the Metro depots between 9.30am to 5pm.

Due to storage restrictions, lost property is typically held for two weeks before disposal or, in the case of high value items such as wallets, surrender to Tasmania Police.

To contact our customer service team or find more information, you can:

Call: 13 22 01, 7am to 6pm weekdays.

Go online: check out the rest of the website, or contact us on Facebook or Twitter. (Social media monitored 8am-5pm weekdays.)



  • Hobart: Metro Shop, Hobart City Interchange, 40 Elizabeth St
  • Moonah: Metro Shop, Springfield Interchange, 212 Main Rd
  • Launceston: Depot, 168 Wellington Street
  • Burnie: Depot, 28 Strahan Street

We’re proud to present a six-video series produced by students in the UTAS Sustainability Internship Program with helpful advice on the entire journey – from planning your trip, hailing and boarding, paying a fare, riding the bus, stopping, and what to do if you leave something behind.

Click the links below to watch.