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Category: Zero Emission Buses

Today marks a significant milestone for Metro with the launch of our Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) Trial in Launceston.  Deputy Premier, Michael Ferguson MP, and Metro CEO, Katie Cooper, unveiled our four new Battery Electric Buses (BEBs), which begin passenger service in Launceston today, 25 January 2024.  Over the two-year trial, our BEBs will be…

Installation of the battery chargers at the Launceston depot by Cromarty is well underway, with the chargers themselves to be installed in the next two weeks.

Production of the BEB by Custom Denning is all progressing well, with all four buses now on the production line in Sydney.  The BEB are now all due to arrive in Launceston in December.

The contract for supply of a telematics system for the trial was awarded to ZF Australia A tender for a provider to conduct Community and Stakeholder Surveys for the trial was released. The surveys will enable the capture of community and industry learnings and attitudes about zero emission transport fuels and technologies throughout the course…

A tender for supply of a telematics system was conducted. The telematics system will enable capture of data about the performance of the ZEB’s, such as rates of power and fuel consumption, to allow future analysis of the performance of the vehicles.

Our Battery Electric Bus (BEB) Chargers, crafted by ABB in Europe, have arrived at our Launceston depot and are ready to be installed come late September. A comprehensive Safety Workshop, covering HazOp (Hazard and Operability Study) and SiD (Safety in Design), was recently conducted. This workshop focused on our upcoming Hydrogen Refueling Station, which will…

Welcome to the sixth bulletin about the Metro Tasmania – Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) Trial. In this
bulletin we provide an overview of what the Battery Electric Bus (BEB) Trial will look like and the
activities that will be taking place over the next few months in preparation for the BEB Trial
commencing in November.

In April the process for approving the award of contracts to supply the new buses, battery chargers and hydrogen refueller to the Preferred Tenderers was progressed. Contracts are expected to be awarded in May 2023.