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Bus information at your finger tips

On November 11 2014, Metro Tasmania launched an official Metro App that makes it easier for passengers to plan bus trips, top up a Greencard and get timetable information.

The free mobile app gives customers access to a personal journey planner, as well as addressing some of the issues raised in the recent Auditor General’s report on public transport.

Users can tailor the App to their specific needs by entering in their exact departure and destination address, and the ideal arrival or departure time, and the app will guide how far they need to walk to the nearest bus stop, what time the bus will depart, what stop they need to get off at, and how far they need to walk at the other end to reach their destination – no need to navigate lengthy timetables.

It even allows you to plan days in advance, so if you have a job interview or event to get to next week, you can plan your journey right down to the time you need to leave home.

The app integrates with Greencard, allowing customers to securely log in to their account, check balances and top up their card, and provides regionally filtered service updates.

At this stage, the App is only available on iOS platforms, such as iPhone and iPad, as research shows these devices are the most widely used to access the Metro Tasmania website. However, Metro will look at designing an Android version in the future.*

In the meantime, Android and Windows phone users still benefit from a brand new, mobile-enabled website that scales to fit each device’s screen size.

For more information and a link to download the app, click here.

*Since this post was originally published, an Android app has been developed.