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Point to Pinnacle and back again with Metro

Last weekend, Metro helped out with another successful Point to Pinnacle race, transporting competitors and gear safely back down the mountain after the conclusion of the gruelling event.

This year, there was a record number of vehicles on the summit: 58 buses, numerous police cars, ambulances, organisers, news media, and Kingston scout vehicles made for a tight squeeze.

For the first time we also had buses parked counter clockwise, which expedited the loading and departure process.

Metro’s new CEO, Stuart Wiggins was present to help out warming up those present with some hot coffee and a bit of tucker, which was very appreciated on a cold Tassie morning.

Our thanks go out to all the Bus Operators for the professional and safe way they conducted themselves – pancake cooking aside – making the day easier for tired legs and getting competitors back to the Casino in a timely and safe manner.


A Metro bus loaded with a different cargo than usual.


Bus Operator Mark Dunsby keeps a sharp eye on the ‘gear’ bus for Point to Pinnacle. He ensured all of the participants belongings made it safely up and down Mt Wellington.