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Have your say in Hobart Bus Mall development

The City of Hobart has joined forces with Metro Tasmania, the Department of State Growth and TasBus to plan the revitalisation of the existing Hobart Bus Mall in Elizabeth Street.

The Bus Interchange Planning Project aims to improve the existing layout to benefit pedestrians, passengers, road users and nearby business operators.

The development will include increasing passenger comfort while waiting for the bus, improvements to the pedestrian link between the waterfront and CBD, and enhancing the functionality of the Bus Mall. Plans to remove obstructions, such as signs and rubbish bins, from the footpath and creating more space for pedestrians and passengers waiting for the bus are amongst priorities for the development.

Feedback from the public is crucial in the planning stages to ensure a satisfying end result for all.

Have your say and submit your feedback in the following ways:

  • Online at the Hobart City Council website
  • In person at the Metro Shop Hobart, 22 Elizabeth Street
  • In person at the Hobart Council Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street

For more information about the project go to