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Public survey results available for Hobart Network Review 2015

Metro Tasmania has completed the Hobart Network Review public consultation phase and produced a report from the feedback received, which you can read by clicking on the link below.

We thank the three hundred and sixty-nine respondents who submitted written or online surveys, as well as the many stakeholders including Anglicare, COTA Tasmania and relevant councils, who were engaged throughout the consultation process.

The proposal was supported by a majority of respondents, with 74.5% of people strongly supporting, supporting, neutral to, or not affected by the proposal. Results indicated clear support for simplified bus services (57.2%) and more direct routes to improve travel time (61.8%).

Click here for a full report of the survey results.

All feedback received was very helpful in directing our resources to where they can be best utilised. With this proposal we aim to deliver a simpler, faster and more frequent bus services to our customers.

Some of the initiatives that form part of this review include:

  • Introduction of Turn Up and GO between Shoreline and Hobart that provides a high frequency services between 7am and 7pm, running every 10 minutes Monday to Friday and every 20-30 minutes on weekends.
  • Improved services to Brighton and Old Beach.
  • Revitalisation of direct services to the University of Tasmania from the eastern shore and northern suburbs.

We are working closely with community based transport providers to assist any passengers impacted by the proposed changes.

Metro is committed to undertaking an extensive public education campaign in the lead up to the changes to ensure the community is on board with us as we take this important step towards a better connected Hobart.

New timetables associated with the changes will be made available in advance of changes taking effect to allow passengers ample time to plan their travel.

For more information contact our Customer Service Team by calling 13 22 01 or emailing