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Avoid congestion and TRAVEL FREE before 7am on all Hobart urban Metro services from 30 January to 24 February 2017.

Did you know each bus has the potential to take 50 cars off the road?
Join us to experience a commute without the hassles of traffic gridlock, concentration or parking.

For a more relaxing start, get on board before 7am and enjoy your morning travel from a different perspective.

To combat the congestion associated with the return to school period, Metro passengers can travel free in the Hobart urban area before 7am on business days from 30 January to 24 February 2017. Free travel applies within the Hobart urban area when you board a bus scheduled to depart your stop prior to 7am on business days.

Click here for a map of the Hobart urban area to see if your journey is eligible for free travel. 

The early bird promotion aims to reduce the negative impact of congestion on both service reliability and the city centre and will benefit existing and new Metro customers, as well as the wider road network. Try something different, even one day a week, and improve your travel experience and help ease congestion during the busy return to school period.

While not everyone’s travel needs are flexible, make the switch if you can and try catching the bus or boarding an earlier service to have a positive impact and avoid contributing to traffic gridlock.

Make the switch today and enjoy free early bird travel, a more comfortable on board experience and reduced traffic congestion during the peaks.

For more information call 13 22 01.

Standard fares apply after 7am, on weekends, public holidays and for non-urban travel. Customers do not require a Greencard, concession card or student ID to be eligible for free travel. If a service is scheduled on the timetable to arrive at a stop before (or at) 7am and arrives after 7am, customers will still be allowed to board for free. This promotion is not currently offered in the Launceston and Burnie networks and non-urban areas of Hobart.