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Metro Tasmania to host preliminary stakeholder briefing for ferry service

Metro Tasmania has commenced planning for a ferry service on the River Derwent and is hosting a preliminary briefing for industry stakeholders with an interest in being involved in, or that may be affected by, the new service.

This initial briefing will outline the scope and objectives of the project, offer an opportunity for industry stakeholders to ask questions about the process, and provide a forum for interested parties to engage with each other, as a precursor to a more extensive stakeholder consultation process.

Metro is embracing the opportunity to expand the modes of passenger transport available to the community, and promote it as an attractive travel option.

Metro acknowledges that there are a variety of stakeholders who have a potential commercial interest in the project, and encourages them to attend this event, ahead of broader public engagement on the ferry service over the coming months.

The industry briefing will be held at 1.30pm on 21 August 2018 in Hobart. Registration is essential, by emailing by 12.00pm on 16 August 2018.