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The full student fare will increase on 1 January 2024. 

If you use cash for a single trip ticket, the new fare will be $2.00. If you use a GreenCard, the new fare will be $1.60. GreenCards can be topped up online.
It costs the same on every trip – it doesn’t matter how far, where, or when you go.

Some students can travel or transfer between buses for free.

You may be eligible for a Student Bus Pass for Free Travel if you are:

  • listed on a Health Care or Pensioner Card
  • travel wholly within the rural area where there is only a fare-charging service
  • must use more than one bus between home and school and/or school and home
  • are under a Care and Protection Order.

The student fare last increased in 2022. This fare increase is set by government policy.

For more information about the fare increase talk to your bus driver, visit or call 6166 3343 (9am to 5pm weekdays).