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Metro school bus services start on 8 February 2024

As with last year, the Department of State Growth has determined that Metro Tasmania will commence running school bus services from the first day of Term 1 for Tasmanian government schools. This means that for 2024, all Metro school services will commence on Thursday 8 February.

If your school resumes prior to this date, you may need to utilise alternate transport options, including one of Metro’s general access public services, where available.

Metro’s general access public bus services state-wide will operate to the school holiday timetables up until 8 February 2024, with services marked on the timetable with ‘S – service operates on school days only’ not operating prior to this date.

Metro understands that this may cause some disruption for you or your student, so to assist with planning school transport, we have collated details of some of the key Metro general access public services operating near to your school.

If you’re returning to school before February 8, please check our general access alternatives to school routes.

You can also consult our Trip Planner.