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The Golden Rules for Riding a Bus

It’s back to school time! Do you and your child know the Golden Rules for Riding a Bus?

Here at Metro, the comfort and safety of our customers and bus operators is a priority. Anti-social behaviour is not ok it on a bus. It is everyone’s responsibility to model good behaviour on buses.

Here are ten rules for a smooth bus ride.

1. Plan Ahead - Get ready for your journey with Metro’s Trip Planner and arrive at your bus stop early.

2. Fare Ready, Set, Go - Have your fare or GreenCard ready to go, ensuring easy boarding!

3. Right Spot, Right Stop – Make sure to catch and board the bus at designated bus stops only.

4. Give Us a Wave - Spot your bus? Give the driver a friendly wave to let them know you're ready to ride.

5. Keep it Clean – Help us keep our buses comfortable for everyone. Please save food and drink until after your ride and keep your feet off the seats.

6. Ride with Respect - Be kind and respectful to your bus driver and fellow passengers.

7. Enjoy the Quiet Zone – Make the ride better for everyone by keeping volume down. Use headphones for your devices and chat quietly with friends.

8. Share the Space - Make room for everyone by keeping seats clear for others or giving up your seat if somebody needs it more than you.

9. Stay Secure, Stay Safe - Do not move around while the bus is moving. Wait for it to come to a complete stop before exiting through the back door.

10. Thanks, Driver! - Don’t forget to say ‘thank you’ to your bus driver while leaving the bus.

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