Havenview Primary School

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As part of the introduction of new timetables for bus services on the north-west coast, there are also changes to contract school bus services for operators other than Metro. For further information on these changes, including updated maps and timetables, please visit the Transport Tasmania website.

Route No.


Service Start


Shorewell Park, Downlands, Havenview, Emu Heights

Burnie City (Cattley Stop A) to Emu Heights via Shorewell Park and Downlands. Refer to Metro's Emu Heights timetable for further details.

NOTE: Service travels via Parklands High School Grounds and arrives at approximately 8:19am before continuing to Emu Heights. Students travelling to Havenview Primary School should alight at Stop 19, Old Surrey Rd.

Route No.


Service Start


Havenview, Upper Burnie, Acton, Montello, Burnie City

HAVENVIEW PRIMARY SCHOOL - PARKLANDS HIGH SCHOOL - Upper Burnie - Mount St - Acton - Thorne St - Belton St - Payne St - Montello - Bird St - MONTELLO PRIMARY SCHOOL - Jorgensen St - BURNIE CITY

2:54 Havenview Primary School, Marriott St
3:04 Parklands High School
3:10 Acton, Belton St Stop 7
3:13 Montello, Bird St Stop 17 (Montello Primary School)
3:21 Burnie City, Mount St (Advocate)