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Create a Greencard automatic top-up for ease and convenience

To make your Greencard use even more convenient, why not set up an automatic online top-up?

Once logged into My Greencard online,  you can set up automatic top-up when your credit falls below a specified amount. You can manage how you would like your automatic top-ups to work by setting the values of ‘Minimum balance’ and ‘Top-up amount’.

When the balance on your Greencard falls below the ‘Minimum balance’, it will automatically be topped up by the ‘Top-up amount’. Automatic top-ups may take up to 48 hours to be processed.

To ensure you always have credit available for travel, we recommend customers set up their automatic top-ups with a minimum balance equivalent to at least 48 hours travel.

For example, if your travel usually costs you $4.60 a day, you can set up an automatic top-up for when your Greencard credit reaches $9.20- so you still have two days worth of travel left while your new credit is processed.

Don’t worry about carrying cash on the bus- set an online automatic top-up today and enjoy even more convenience with your Greencard.

To set up an automatic top-up and for more information, visit