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At Metro we’re passionate about making the bus safe for everyone, and this October we’re focussing on reducing the number of falls on our buses.

Did you know most falls occur just after boarding or when preparing to get off the bus?

That’s why priority passengers need a seat near the door – so they can have more time to steady themselves.

Passengers who are senior, pregnant, injured or have a disability.

Remember, not all disabilities are visible.

Let the driver know if you need help at any stage of your trip and they will do their best to assist you

Sit down if you can, or use handrails and spread your feet wide

Wait until the bus is stopped before getting up to move to the door

Take your time – there’s no rush

Leave priority seats clear and do the right thing if someone else needs your seat more than you do

Move down the bus to make space and seats at the front available

Stay still and either sit down or hold on when the bus is moving

We know that for many of our customers, safe transport is critical to quality of life, and a stumble or fall on board can seriously affect confidence and independence.

We’re training drivers to be sensitive to this, allow time to find a safe space before moving away from the bus stop, and drive smoothly.

If you have any feedback you can let us know by calling 13 22 01, emailing or visiting us at a Metro Shop or depot.