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Bus safety is everyone’s responsibility.

When you’re a pedestrian, particularly in high traffic areas like interchanges, please be alert and aware.

Remember to:

  • Not scroll and stroll – mobile devices and headphones can be distracting, take a second to look up and around when you’re crossing the road
  • Make sure you can make it across – if you’re not sure you have enough time to cross safely, don’t risk it and race the bus, wait for the green man instead
  • Give kids an extra hand – pay special attention to children around buses and roads

Won’t be a moment!

Giving way to buses is the right thing to do. It’s also the law in most areas.

When you let the bus in, you’re helping keep Tasmanian roads safe and letting everyone on board stay on schedule, even in heavy traffic. If you see the indicators flashing, slow to a stop and wait for the bus to pull out before proceeding.

In addition to the obvious dangers of not giving way, it’s important to remember that buses are carrying passengers, and a sudden stop can potentially cause injury.

Give way to a bus in front of you when it has stopped or is moving slowly at the far left of the road, on the shoulder of the road, or in a bus stop, has a give way to buses sign and its indicators on, and is about to enter your lane of traffic.


Thank you to our campaign partners: the Road Safety Advisory Council, RACT, and TasBus.