Kings Meadows High School

General Access Services

High frequency serves on Routes 110, 145, 146 and 147 operate between Launceston City and Kings Meadows via Wellington St and Hobart Rd.

Service operates on Routes 145 and 146 between Launceston and Youngtown via Wellington St and Hobart Rd.

Join these services at bus stops in Hobart Rd near Blaydon St.


This page refers to services operated by Metro Tasmania only.

For details of services provided by other operators, including general access services, please consult the Department of State Growth website.

Route No.


Service Start


South Launceston, Kings Meadows, Norwood

Sandhill - Ainslie Gr - Chifley St - Kings Meadows - Quarantine Rd - Penquite Rd - Sandown Rd - Norwood Ave - NORWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL

8:26 Sandhill, Normanstone Rd/Ainslie Grove
8:28 Bond St/Ernest St
8:31 Kings Meadows, Blaydon St (Students for Kings Meadows High School alight here)
8:33 Kings Meadows, Edinburgh St/Quarantine Rd
8:37 Penquite Rd opp Station Rd
8:41 Norwood, Penquite Rd/Norwood Ave Inwards (students for Queechy High School alight here)
8:44 Norwood, Sandown Rd
8:47 Penquite Rd/Norwood Ave Outwards
8:51 Norwood Primary School, Norwood Ave

Route No.


Service Start


Schools Serviced
Kings Meadows High School
Newnham, Mowbray, Invermay, Launceston, South Launceston, Kings Meadows

Kings Meadows - Kings Meadows High School
Students for Kings Meadows High School travel on Route 110 to Kings Meadows and remain on board for travel via Route 821 to Kings Meadows High School

Route 110
7:39 University, Newnham
7:44 Mowbray Shops, Invermay Rd
7:51 Invermay, Tram sheds
7:59 Launceston City, St John St Stop A1
8:06 South Launceston, Wellington St Stop 6
8:09 Six Ways, Hobart Rd
8:12 Kings Meadows Shops

On arrival at Kings Meadows Shops, students remain on board for
Route 821
8:12 Kings Meadows Shops
8:15 Kings Meadows High School

Route No.


Service Start


Norwood, Youngtown, Kings Meadows, South Launceston, Prospect

Norwood - Youngtown - Hobart Rd - Normanstone Rd - Westbury Rd - ST PATRICK'S COLLEGE

7:56 Norwood, Penquite Rd
8:00 Norwood, Opossum Rd
8:03 Youngtown, Poplar Pde/Leichhardt Gr
8:06 Youngtown, Poplar Pde/Redwood Cr
8:09 Youngtown, Poplar Pde/Hobart Rd
8:12 Youngtown, Hobart Rd before Kings Meadows Link
8:15 Kings Meadows shops
8:19 South Launceston, Normanstone Rd
8:23 Westbury, Westbury Rd/Prospect St
8:30 St Patrick's College, inside school grounds

** Kings Meadows High students alight on Hobart Rd as required.

Route No.


Service Start


Kings Meadows, South Launceston, Launceston

KINGS MEADOWS HIGH SCHOOL - Hobart Rd - Wellington St - GLEN DHU PRIMARY SCHOOL - Launceston City

3:00 Kings Meadows High School, inside school grounds
3:05 South Launceston, Hobart Rd/Normanstone Rd
3:07 Glen Dhu Primary School, Hobart Rd
3:15 Launceston City

Route No.


Service Start


South Launceston, Kings Meadows, Youngtown

GLEN DHU PRIMARY SCHOOL - Kings Meadows - Youngtown

Route 145: Destination - Youngtown

3:17 Glen Dhu Primary School, Wellington St
3:20 South Launceston, Hobart Rd/Six Ways
3:24 Kings Meadows, Hobart Rd/Blaydon St
3:34 Youngtown, Poplar Pde/Piper Ave

Students may remain on board for travel via Route 140 to Launceston via Norwood.