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University of Tasmania

The service information shown on this page is for routes operated by Metro Tasmania only.

For information on general access services provided by other companies including Tassielink Transit, Kinetic, O’Driscoll Coaches and Tasmanian Redline Coaches, please refer to the Department of State Growth timetable information page.

The routes shown on this page relate to travel to and from the University’s Sandy Bay campus.

Route No.

401, 402, 426, 427, 428, 429, 457, 458, 501, 601

Service Start


Schools Serviced
University of Tasmania

Kingston, Taroona, Lower Sandy Bay, Sandy Bay, University, City, North Hobart, New Town, Moonah, Glenorchy, Rosny Park-Eastlands, Bellerive, Howrah-Shoreline

Route Map Link

The following routes travel via the University of Tasmania's Sandy Bay campus, either on Churchill Ave or Sandy Bay Rd:

ROUTE 401: City to Churchill Avenue via Sandy Bay Shops (stops on Churchill Ave)
ROUTE 402: City to Lower Sandy Bay via Sandy Bay Rd (stops on Sandy Bay Rd)
ROUTE 402U: City to Lower Sandy Bay via University (operates evenings and weekends - stops on Churchill Ave)

ROUTE 426: City to Taroona via Sandy Bay Rd (stops on Sandy Bay Rd)
ROUTE 427: City to Blackmans Bay via Taroona & Kingston Beach (stops on Sandy Bay Rd)
ROUTE 428: City to Blackmans Bay via Taroona & Maranoa Heights (stops on Sandy Bay Rd)
ROUTE 429: City to Summerleas via Taroona (stops on Sandy Bay Rd)

ROUTES 457 & 458: City to Mt Nelson via Dynnyrne (stops on Churchill Ave)

ROUTE 501: Glenorchy to University All Stops via Regent St, City & Main Rd (stops on Churchill Ave)

ROUTE 601: Howrah-Shoreline to University All Stops via Regent St, City, Rosny Park-Eastlands & Clarence St (stops on Churchill Ave)

Please refer to Metro's University timetable for Routes 401, 402, 501 & 601.
Please refer to Metro's Taroona or Summerleas timetables for Routes 426 to 429.
Please refer to Metro's Mt Nelson timetable for Routes 457 & 458.

Route No.


Service Start



Fern Tree, Huon Road, Regent St, Lower Sandy Bay

Route map

FERN TREE – Huon Rd – Anglesea St – Macquarie St – Antill St – Regent St – HUTCHINS (Nelson Rd) – FAHAN (Lower Sandy Bay) – Channel Hwy – TAROONA HIGH

7.35---FERN TREE TERMINUS depart
7.40---Huon Rd – Fern Tree Tavern
7.43---Huon Rd / Strickland Ave junction
7.49---Huon Rd #18 (Skyline)
7.53---Macquarie St / Anglesea St #10
7.55---Antill St #8
8.00---University #12
8.02---HUTCHINS / MT CARMEL (Nelson Rd)
8.07---FAHAN (Lower Sandy Bay #16)
8.13---Sandy Bay Rd #21
8.20---TAROONA HIGH arrive