Austins Ferry Primary School

Route No.

X10, 510

Service Start


Schools Serviced
Austins Ferry Primary School
Granton (Sharron Drive), Austins Ferry, Abbotsfield

Students travelling from Granton & Austins Ferry to Austins Ferry Primary School should use the following general access services:

- Route X10 departing Sharron Drive 8.15am (travels via Hilton Rd). Alight at the bus stop at 33 Colston St (before Cleburne St) at 8.26am and walk to school.

- Route 510 departing Arncliffe Rd 8.18am (travels via Abbotsfield). Alight at the bus stop at 31 Cammeray Rd (near Perry St) at 8.29am and walk to school.

Route No.


Service Start


Abbotsfield, Austins Ferry, Granton, Bridgewater, Herdsmans Cove, Gagebrook

WINDERMERE PRIMARY – Abbotsfield – AUSTINS FERRY PRIMARY – HOLY ROSARY PRIMARY – CLAREMONT COLLEGE – Austins Ferry (Ten Mile Hill) – Granton – Bridgewater – Herdsmans Cove – GAGEBROOK

3.00---WINDERMERE PRIMARY (Cadbury Rd stop) depart
3.02---Claremont Link Rd #52
3.03---Canberra Rd
3.05---Adelphi Rd
3.08---Cammeray Rd
3.10---AUSTINS FERRY PRIMARY depart (*)
3.14---HOLY ROSARY PRIMARY (Wyndham Rd) depart
3.17---Battersby Drive
3.25---Tavistock Rd
3.27---Ten Mile Hill (Arncliffe Rd)
3.31---Granton / Main Rd #47
3.36---Gunn St
3.37---McShane Rd
3.40---Green Point Rd
3.43---Herdsmans Cove (Lamprill Circle)
3.48---Tottenham Rd
3.49---Deak St
3.52---GAGEBROOK (Sattler St) arrive

(*) Service departs from inside school grounds - old Roseneath entrance.