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Connect to work and study in 2020 with Metro. Make the most of your time and money with these tips:

Get your Greencard ready to go

A Greencard saves you 20% on all fares, stores any concession details you have, and offers a cheaper capped daily fare.  To tap and go, make sure it’s ready to keep up with you – with an online account you can set up an convenient automatic top up, or add credit before you’re ready to travel.

For more information about Greencard including how to get a new card and manage your account online, click here.

Get to know your service

Familiarise yourself with the route and time of the service that suits your travel. There are many ways to find out which bus you need, but we think the easiest way is to use the Trip Planner.

Simply select your city, type where you want to leave from (or select ‘current location’ on mobile), type your destination, and select ‘plan my trip’ to see a list of travel options. Click on an option to expand it and see a map and details of the bus stop, route number and times.

A full list of all Metro operated school services can be found here, and general access timetables can be found here.

Get moving

Download the Metro Tasmania app to stay informed with network updates, manage your Greencard, and plan travel on the go.

To make your travel as smooth as possible:

  • Be at your stop five minutes before your bus is scheduled to depart. This allows time for any delays during boarding and eliminates any last minute dash to the stop.
  • Signal for the bus driver to stop. Many different routes service each bus stop and it can be difficult for the driver to know which service the people waiting at a stop require.
  • Be respectful of your driver and fellow passengers. As per our conditions of travel, offensive or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated on Metro buses.

If you’re new to catching the bus, check out more handy tips by clicking here.

We’re here to help! For more information, contact our Customer Service team on 13 22 01 or