Cosgrove High School

Route No.

500 to 522

Service Start


Glenorchy, Moonah, New Town, North Hobart, City

Metro's high-frequency Turn Up & GO service operates between the City and Glenorchy via Main Rd between 7am and 7pm on weekdays.

Buses depart every ten minutes in each direction. For further details, please refer to Metro's Northern Suburbs Turn Up & GO timetable.

Route No.


Service Start


Herdsmans Cove, Gagebrook, Old Beach, Otago, Goodwood (Route 530W only - see notes)

Students travelling from Gagebrook, Herdsmans Cove, Old Beach & Otago to Cosgrove, New Town & Ogilvie High Schools in the morning have access to the following services:

- Route 530 departing Cove Hill Fair 6.55am, Sattler St 7.09am, arrive Glenorchy Interchange 7.42am and TRANSFER to a Turn Up & Go service via Main Rd.

- Route 530W departing Cove Hill Fair 7.25am, Sattler St 7.39am, arrive Glenorchy Interchange 8.12am and TRANSFER to a Turn Up & Go service via Main Rd.

W = service travels via Howard Rd & Acton Cres Goodwood.

Please refer to Metro's Gagebrook timetable for further information.