St Virgil’s Junior School (City)

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CITY – Liverpool St – ST MARY’S COLLEGE – West Hobart – Argyle St – FRIENDS – New Town Rd – HOBART CITY HIGH

8.06---CITY – Elizabeth St Stop A3 depart
8.11---ST MARY’S COLLEGE (Harrington St)
8.18---West Hobart / Mellifont St
8.24---FRIENDS (Argyle St)
8.29---HOBART CITY HIGH - Ogilvie Campus arrive

Route No.


Service Start


Blackmans Bay, Kingston Beach, Kingston, Browns Road, Olinda Grove, City, North Hobart, New Town

DENISON ST - Maranoa Heights - Blackmans Bay – Kingston Beach – KINGSTON CENTRAL – Browns Rd – HOBART COLLEGE – Macquarie St – ST MARY’S COLLEGE (Harrington St) – FRIENDS (Argyle St) – HOBART CITY HIGH SCHOOL

7.16---Denison St
7.20---Hawthorn Dr (Fire Station)
7.22---Redwood Rd/Pine Ave
7.26---Garnett St
7.30---Illawarra Rd
7.33---Roslyn Ave / Algona Rd
7.39---Beach Rd / Kingston Beach Shops
7.46---Browns Road
8.10---Macquarie St / Barrack St #4
8.13---ST MARY’S COLLEGE (Harrington St)
8.21---FRIENDS (Argyle St)
8.26---HOBART CITY HS, OGILVIE CAMPUS (Main Gates) arrive

Route No.


Service Start


City, Sandy Bay, Lower Sandy Bay, Taroona, Bonnet Hill, Kingston, Maranoa Heights

FRIENDS (Argyle St) – ST MARY’S COLLEGE (Harrington St) – CITY - Sandy Bay – Taroona – Bonnet Hill – KINGSTON CENTRAL – MARANOA HEIGHTS

3.48---FRIENDS – Argyle St MX #10 depart (*)
3.53---ST MARY’S COLLEGE (!) [@]
3.57---CITY – Treasury Square Stop Q [$]
4.00---Sandy Bay Shops #7
4.08---Lower Sandy Bay #16
4.16---Channel Hwy #26 (Taroona High)
4.21---Bonnet Hill
4.33---Hawthorn Dr outside Fire Station
4.36---MARANOA HEIGHTS (Redwood / Pine) arrive

(*) Service travels EXPRESS from Friends to St Mary’s College Harrington St
(!) Students for Eastern Shore transfer at St Mary’s to Route 334
[@] Service travels EXPRESS from St Mary’s College to City Stop Q
[$] Service travels All Stops from City Stop Q onwards

Route No.


Service Start


Rosny Park-Eastlands, Bellerive, Howrah, Rokeby Road, Lauderdale, Axiom Way, Seven Mile Beach, Estate Drive, Acton Park

MT CARMEL COLLEGE (Quorn St) – Regent St – Macquarie St – ST MARY’S COLLEGE (Harrington St) – ROSNY PARK (Eastlands) – Clarence St – SHORELINE – Rokeby Rd – Lauderdale – Seven Mile Beach – ACTON PARK

3.43---MT CARMEL COLLEGE (Quorn St) depart
3.45---University #12
3.50---Macquarie St / Barrack St
3.53---ST MARY’S COLLEGE (Harrington St) depart
3.54---Elizabeth St / Bathurst St #2
4.00---Rosny Hill Rd #3 (Rose Bay High overpass)
4.03---ROSNY PARK (Eastlands)
4.09---Clarence St #13 (Wentworth St)
4.18---Rokeby Rd #68
4.21---South Arm Rd #71 (Horsham Rd)
4.27---Lauderdale – South Tce #81
4.29---Bangalee St #85 (Shops)
4.34---Roches Beach Rd Terminus
4.40---Acton Rd opposite Axiom Way
4.47---Seven Mile Beach – Surf Rd
4.51---Estate Drive
4.57---ACTON RD / CILWEN RD arrive